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Kicking Off The Season

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We had a great start to the season finishing in the quarterfinals at the Circle K Winternationals in Pomona, CA. It was important for us to get started on the right foot. As a team, we are excited for another week of racing in Phoenix and we look forward to keeping this momentum rolling. There are a lot of tough competitors this year but we are keeping our focus week to week, we are very much a viable contender this season. We are currently running in 18 races this season, but we are hoping to get that number to 24 through more sponsorship dollars.

We are working hard day in and day out as the team is fired up about the season. This sport takes a lot of trust and this team, this crew, has a lot of trust in each other right now. I am proud to have accomplished what we have so far and I know we are capable of taking it all the way this year. But, right now the focus is on the CARQUEST Auto Parts Nationals in Phoenix this weekend. This track is known for record performances, so we know the potential is there to make some fast runs. Every race creates a new opportunity and a new challenge for us to better our times and performances.

Gear up and get ready for a wild season, it’s going to be a good one! I look forward to seeing you all out there and don’t forget to stop by and say hi to the team.



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